Every day, more than a million people get
infected by Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
Although family planning, or contraception
has been a human right since 1968, almost
half of all the pregnancies are unintended by
the couples (e.g. teenage pregnancy).
The unintended pregnancies and births not
only result in significant health expenses,
mental illnesses and addictions, but also
cause problems on a global level.
One of the aspects of the ecological
overshoot is the worsening of the
climate crisis.
In these cases, there is usually a solution,
but prevention is the best solution!
The lack of protective and contraceptive
opportunities not only means the lack of
means, but also, that one cannot access
the necessary knowledge.
These are what LoveInfo Lite, our
mobile application has set out to change!

1. What kind of an app is LoveInfo Lite?

LoveInfo Lite is primarily a health-oriented, secondly an environmental application, which fundamentally focusing on prevention. Its main themes are reproductive health, sexual education, and sustainability. It introduces these topics in the language of young people in an easy to understand way, illustrated with graphic art, for easy understanding.

Since this is a relatively big body of knowledge, those who would wish to check their knowledge can test it in a fun way. Inside the application, we placed a test which selects from 500 questions. In exchange for the right answers, the users can get tips that help them succeed in their private lives, and they can get to know the basics Nonviolent Communication, which improves the quality of their relationships.


2. What topics does the app touch on?

The application covers the topoc of hygiene, self-awareness, means of protection and their importance and details, and some of the dangerous misconceptions regarding these topics that circulate on the internet. It also covers self-examination, the knowledge of which is best learned early enough.

One of its points details what to do in case of stroke and cardiac arrest, in order to save lives. Another point includes a complete drug prevention program. In addition, the app covers some dangers of the internet, and what rules to follow so that one doesn’t get in a vulnerable situation.

3. Why do you think that there is a need for a sexual education app that covers so many topics?

Because the youngsters today, and many times even adults cannot turn to anyone with trust when they have questions or problems in their personal lives. It is astonishing how incredible damage ignorance can cause, which could be avoided by a bit of sexual education.

4. Why do you think that you can reach youngsters with a mobile app in Africa or other underdeveloped regions?

We ourselves were surprised when we learned how many people use smartphones already, and this ration is only going to increase. In Africa, with a population of about a billion, there are 750 million active SIM connections, and 250 million smartphones. Sub-Saharan Africa is the fastest groing mobile region. According to predictions, by 2025, the number of active SIM cards will hit one billion, and the number of smarthpones will reach 690 million, with 87% of the mobile connections being broadband. And although mobile ownership is lower under the age of 16, continuous improvement is expected in this area as well.


5. Why is download free?

Because our program was primarily created with an intent to help, and any income related to it is secondary for us.

6. Who is this app for?

For youngsters above age 12, for adults, students, teachers, so practically everyone. Because we believe that the application’s content is so fundamentally important that every human should know it.

7. Is this a working and proven program?

Yes, the LoveInfo LiteTM is the simplified version of the successful LoveInfoTM. It will be available on multiple languages; according to our plans, it will be punblished in English and Hungarian first, and then, with time, it will also be available in the 10 most spoken languages in the world.


8. What’s this app’s benefit to society?

The application greatly contributes to the improvement of public health, and the mitigation of poverty, to the prevention of the often times pointless bodily and mental ordeals, and to reaching sustainability.

Since it is capable of mitigating and preventing health-, social-, and ecological problems, they will put less strain on a state’s budget, including the health budget, so this way, its usefulness can even be expressed in financial terms.

9. What’s the statistics of sexually transmitted diseases globally?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), globally, more than one million people contract sexually transmitted diseases, altogether 376 million yearly.[1] Of this, more than 1.5 million get infected by the HIV virus.[2] We believe that with proper action, these numbers can approach zero.


10. What are the negative consequences of sexually transmitted diseases?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can have grave consequences, like extrautinary (ectopic) pregnancies, stillbirths, infertility or even death. LoveInfo LiteTM efficiently conveys the knowledge with which these can be avoided.

11. What are the statistics on unwanted pregnancies in the world?

Globally, almost half of all pregnancies are unintended, both in the developed and in developing countries.[1][2][3] Family planning, i.e. contraception has been declared a human right since 1968.[4] Still, every year, more than 200 million fertile women would like to use contraception, but cannot access to the means and knowledge.[1] This latter is where LoveInfo LiteTM can effectively help.


12. What are the risks of teenage pregnancy?

Teenage pregnancy has a number of health risks. Premature birth, lower birth weight and infant mortality is more common. In addition, a significant portion of teenage mothers drop out of school, they miss out on adolescent experiences, and they start with worse conditions in life and on the job market. Teenage mothers are more likely to get into abusive relationships, and also become financially compromised.

13. What global problems do unintended pregnancies cause?

The unintended pregnancies and births not only result in significant health expenses, mental illnesses and addictions, but also cause problems on a global level. Among other things, rising food prices, starvation, crime rates, and general ecological overshoot. One of the aspects of the ecological overshoot is the worsening of the climate crisis.

14. What does the app provide a solution for?

It primarily provides a preventive solution to sexually transmitted diseases, and the humanitarian-, health-, and ecological problems caused by unintended pregnancies, in an easy to understand way.

15. What’s the biggest goal of of LoveInfo LiteTM?

It is the right of every member of the future generations that they are conceived as a child wanted by both of their parents for themselves (instead of some other interest). We would like it if more and more children could say when grown up that „I couldn’t even wish for more loving and prepared parents, a warmer home, or a better age to be born at!”

16. Why is it good for you if you support us in achieving our goals?

By doing so, you invest in the future, and you contribute to the creation of a liveable future. Imagine what future would await you in a Mad Max world, to which we are charging towards right now. Imagine a world where only well-prepared parents living in stable relationships conceive children, with a responsible decision, to a loving home! This is the common interest of rich and poor alike, especially because it helps to mitigate poverty.

Become an everyday hero and help us reaching our common goals!


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