I'm Bettina Langmár, the leader of the
LoveInfo Team. The idea, and the realization
of the need for a sex ed app like LoveInfo
came from a shocking personal experience.
The head of a local elementary school told
me about a five grader girl, who got pregnant
by an eight grader boy. The girl later gave
birth to twins at such a young age.
I had the idea that perhaps the best way
to prevent such cases would be a
sex education app, which could be
downloaded freely, anonymously, and
gives exact, credible information.
I gathered a team of health experts, and we
started working on a Hungarian version.
The LoveInfo app had very positive feedback,
parents and youngsters, and the media
as well.
Seeing how valuable our app proved to be
at home, we knew we need to bring it to
the whole world! This is how the ide of the
international LoveInfo Global was born.

Our world is beset by health-, humanitarian- and ecological crises. There are solutions for some of these, but the best solution is prevention. This is what we can help with.

Loveinfo Global - Manfred (Spunky)We would like to give value. The value we can give is useful knowledge. Knowledge about safe sex, self-examination, addictions, ecology and climate protection. This helps to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancies, abortions, certain types of cancer, substance abuse, and ecological disasters.

Our sex education app LoveInfo is available in Hungarian. Its international version, LoveInfo Global is already available (Android) Try it out now! If you also believe that this app is useful for the world, and that it would be great to be accessible in multiple languages, even in developing countries, please, support its creation!

Besides these, the app contains a section about how to slow the spread of pandemics, and to prevent them. It has dedicated a part about coronaviruses and COVID-19.

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Let's make the world a better place together - LoveInfo GlobalLoveinfo Global - Tegyük együtt jobbá a világot!

Consequences of the lack of sexual education

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Every day, more than a million people get infected by Sexually Transmitted Diseases, or STDs. The consequences are severe, often lethal, and not only affect the infected. STDs may even result in extrauterine pregnancies, stillbirths, and infertility.

Teenage pregnancies

In all parts of the world, youngsters are generally left to themselves during the turbulent period of adolescence, without any basic knowledge about their bodies and rights. Because of this, they are subjected to rape, STDs, and dangerously early pregnancies. Those living in poverty, especially in abject poverty are most at risk.

LoveInfo - Let's make the world a better place togetherAlthough family planning, or contraception has been a human right since 1968, almost half of all the pregnancies are unintended by the couples. Globally, more than 200 million fertile women would like to use family planning, but don’t access modern, efficient contraceptive methods.

One of the serious consequences of this is teenage pregnancy. This not only poses severe health risks for the mother, but also for the child; higher rates of premature birth, lower birth weight, and infant mortality.

A significant portion of teenage mothers drop out of school, miss out on adolescent experiences, and start with sigificantly worse conditions in life, and on the job market.

The disadvantage often brings with it the grave consequence that teenage mothers are more likely to get into abusive relationships, and also become financially compromised. And the children of teenage mothers usually start with an unsurmountable disadvantage in life, both financially and emotionally. Because of abortions, many women can’t have children later, which causes a lot of pain, and ruins countless lives.

It’s astonishing what an incredible damage ignorance can cause, which could be prevented by a bit of sexual education.

Ecological consequences


LoveInfo - Let's make the world a better place togetherThe unintended pregnancies and births not only result in significant health expenses, mental illnesses and addictions, but also cause problems on a global level. Among other things, rising food prices, starvation, crime rates, and general ecological overshoot, which will eventially lead to the collapse of civilization, unless we reach sustainability again.

One of the aspects of the ecological overshoot is the worsening of the climate crisis. And those who live in poverty and abject poverty are the most vulnerable to its negative effects.

These are what LoveInfo Global, our mobile application has set out to change!

We would like if more children in the world could say:
„I couldn’t even wish for more loving and prepared parents, a warmer home, or a better age to be born at!”

The best solution is prevention!

LoveInfo - Let's make the world a better place togetherThe lack of protective and contraceptive opportunities not only means the lack of means, but also, that one cannot access the necessary knowledge. Because a tool is worthless if one cannot use it, or is discouraged by the false horror stories about made up side effects.

Thanks to today’s modern technology, we believe that the most effective form of communication is a mobile application that contains credible information. The app will be free to download without any registration, as it was designed to help with all kinds of questions related to sexual health and relationships. It provides useful advice, and offers credible information sexual intercourse, before and after it, and how to avoid diseases and dangers facing young people. In these cases, there is usually a solution, but prevention is the best solution!

The application touches on many important topics, such as intimate hygiene, or self-examination. It also covers anatomy, methods of protection, and the dangerous misconceptions circulating on the internet (e.g. ineffective contraceptive practices). All this is illustrated, and explained in detail.

Join Us!

LoveInfo - Let's make the world a better place togetherWe want to make the mobile app LoveInfo, which has already proved to be valuable in Hungary, accessible to more people.

LoveInfo Global is the simplified version of the app in development that provides solutions to sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancies, and all the health-, financial-, and ecological problems they entail, in an easy to understand way.

According to our plans, it would first appear in English, and then in the top ten most widely spoken languages. Imagine that this app reaches every young person in the world, which will drastically reduce the incidence of STDs and teenage pregnancies!

If the health, safety and happiness of young people is important for you, then take part in our endeavor to realize this project!

Become an everyday hero, and donate to our sexual education program, LoveInfo Global! Let’s make the world a better place together!

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Let's make the world a better place together - LoveInfo GlobalLoveinfo Global - Tegyük együtt jobbá a világot!

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creator, owner
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Facebook: LoveInfo

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(Although the project started out under the name LoveInfo Lite, the title of the resulting multi-language sexual education app will be LoveInfo Global, to reflect its international nature. 🙂)

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